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Cybersecurity is crucial to the success of any business and the same is true for the hospitality companies.

The hospitality industry, this includes lodging, restaurants, theme parks, cruise ships, casinos, spas, and other businesses.

Providing accommodation cybersecurity without impacting the quality of guest and staff experience, the hospitality organizations face unique challenges in protecting their networks and sensitive data due to their large footprint globally, increasing the complexity of protecting the network from cyber threats. The company website, guest Wi-Fi, credit card and guest information are places the cybercriminal wants to gather information.  It is also understood that any bad service leads to bad review and lost revenue.

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Overview & Areas of Concern

Hotels are particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, and your data is particularly valuable. We can assist you with your cybersecurity plans by helping you protect your brand, build trust, and reduce your legal risks. Cybersecurity is rarely talked about in the hospitality industry, insider attacks are dangerous and more difficult to detect than traditional cyber-attacks by external hackers. Hotel and hospitality subcontractors, affiliates, partners, and third-party providers also often have insider access to your customer database. This opens your hotel to additional risks of data breaches and leaks. Hotels and Hospitality are prime targets for cybercriminals, Over the last few years we have seen high profile cybersecurity breaches in almost every major hotel and accommodation, hotel and hospitality business that keeps detailed records on every customer and their preferences. This type of data is incredibly valuable to cybercriminals, who can use it to impersonate your customers and lead to identity theft and social engineering attacks against your customers’ businesses and organizations.

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The travel and hospitality industry relies heavily on IT and its web footprint for bookings for flights, hotels, car rentals and other amenities. The travel industry spends billions maintaining and upgrading its IT infrastructure and relies on us to ensure that sensitive customer financial information is protected. 

Why cyber security is important in the hospitality industry? Internet of things, implementation of electronic devices and similar conveniences also pose serious threats regarding the security of our sensitive information. That is why cyber security practices gain much more importance in the hospitality industry.

Cyber Security to Consider

Free Cyber Review
Compromise Assessment and Vulnerability Scan
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer
SOC Compliance.

Practice Areas

Security Monitoring/Security Operation Center (SOC) Virtual CISO (vCISO)
Security Assessment
Security Compliance Support (Audit Preparation)
CMMC Assistance
SOC 2 Type 1 & Type 2 Assistance
Digital Forensics
Security Controls Preparation (NIST / CMMC)
Security Architecture Design/Support
Security Awareness Training
Vulnerability Management
Security Policy creation

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Practice Areas

The hospitality sector is one of the largest handlers of individuals personal information.  It is a top destination for cyber crimes. Credit card and personal identification upon reservations, and check in, provided Wi-Fi which is public, credit card accessed for the services while there and again upon check-out. — it’s time to secure hospitality from threats, hackers, and risks.

Client data
Unauthorized access to infrastructure
Operational disruptions
Intellectual property theft

The hospitality industry is increasingly prone to cyber-attacks and breach of customers’ personal data. Based on statistics, a cyber-attack happens every 39 seconds, 291 data records are stolen every second and there is 133 percent increase in data records exposed. Generally, there are two types of organizations. Ones that are aware that they have been hacked and the second have been hacked already but are not aware of it.

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