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For small to medium businesses  an average ransom payments ranged between $100,000.00 to $300,000.00. This does not include the cost of downtime (inability to receive payments, respond to emails or access the system). The cost of downtime varies from organization to organization, but typically ranges from $900 per minute to around $20,000 per minute. 

What will be the reaction from clients if you are breached?  There’s a good chance their information was breached as well.

Their information could end up on the dark web because of a breach within your company? This causes issues and mistrust with current customers. Will they continue to work with you after a catastrophic cyber attack? What about future business? A cyber attack can affect generating business in the future as well, it is critical you take every precaution to ensure your customer data is secure. 

Data breaches are one of the top concerns for today’s organizations. The costs of these breaches continue to increase, with the average global cost of a single breach hovering at $3.62 million. Beyond the financial consequences of a breach, network security is also hugely important for any business because an attack can compromise the trust of your customers.

In fact, 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or cyber attack. With both the financial security and future of your business on the line, it’s crucial for organizations of all sizes to have measures in place to monitor suspicious network activity.

Many companies that say they won’t be targeted have already been breached – they just don’t know it yet. A recent report found that 53% of successful cyber-attacks infiltrate organizations without being detected, and 91% of all incidents didn’t generate an alert. Various reports have noted intruders are in the systems 100 + days before being detected. The majority of breached organizations are notified by someone other than their own staff.

A cyber attack is an attempt by cybercriminals, hackers or other digital adversaries to access a computer network or system, usually for the purpose of altering, stealing, destroying or exposing information.

Cyberattacks can target a wide range of victims from individual users to enterprises or even governments. When targeting businesses or other organizations, the hacker’s goal is usually to access sensitive and valuable company resources, such as intellectual property (IP), customer data or payment details.

Type of malicious software that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid

Ransomware is a type of malware from crypto virology that threatens to publish the victim’s personal data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. While some simple ransomware may lock the system without damaging any files, more advanced malware uses a technique called cryptoviral extortion. It encrypts the victim’s files, making them inaccessible, and demands a ransom payment.

The CISO oversees the development, implementation, and enforcement of information security standards and procedures.  According to an on Staff CISO will cost $230K ($19k mnth) to $366K ($30K mnth) with benefits.  A virtual CISO (vCISO) will range from $2,500 to $15,000 per month depending on the cyber security needs of your company.

Regardless of your size and cyber sophistication we can help you get the most out of your current situation. Some of our clients start with a free automated assessment and based upon that information we will help you plan a budget and the best way to use it.  Whether it is our vCISO, SOC2 compliance, CMMC, or a gap analysis, together we will determine what will be the best affordable solution for you and your company.   

Wherever you and your business go and regardless of who you work with you need cyber security that will cover it all 7/24/365.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. This is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 


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