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The Defense Secretary said the Pentagon is involved in its cybersecurity efforts at all levels, and the Defense Department is also supporting other government agencies, intelligence agencies and international partners.

Thomas C. Wingfield spoke at the One Defense Technology Summit via remote video.

He said there are many reasons why the Pentagon supports other government agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security. For example, the theft of intellectual property through hacking is not just an economic problem. Some intellectual property supports defense capabilities.

Wingfield also said the Pentagon is working with the FBI and DHS on the issue to continuously monitor election interference. “We see this as a real threat because it is not only disturbing, but it can undermine trust in our democratic system,” he said.

The Pentagon said it must support not only the government’s overall approach to cyber defense, but also cyber-dependent warfighters, from aircraft to tanks to command and control.

He added: If the enemy’s cyber attack leads to significant destruction of infrastructure or loss of life, the appropriate response justifies self-defense.

Cyber crime is not a fair game

Overview & Areas of Concern

If an adversary’s cyberattack results in significant infrastructure destruction or loss of life, that would justify an appropriate, self-defense response.

Adversaries might allow their autonomous systems to cause destruction that violates the moral conventions of warfare, in the future, as autonomous artificial intelligence systems become more widespread among allies and adversaries, the speed of cyber has the potential to dramatically accelerate activities on the battlespace.

It’s been advised that if humans are not in the loop in decision-making, artificial intelligence systems would have to go through extensive moral and ethical training about what might occur if life or infrastructure is threatened, noting that humans would need to be held accountable for what the autonomous systems do. 

failure is not an option

In a dark room, the words “NETWORK INTRUSION !!! CALL CYBER PROTECTION TEAM ASAP” flash on your computer screen.

Adversaries may allow the autonomous system to cause destruction that violates the ethical practices of war. In the future, as artificial intelligence systems become more prevalent among allies and adversaries alike, cyberspeeds could dramatically accelerate battlefield activity.

We needs extensive moral and ethical training on what happens when humans are not in the decision-making loop and AI systems face threats to life or infrastructure, noting that humans must be responsible for what autonomous systems do. We don’t want to be war criminals.

Cyber Security to Consider

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An effective cyber security regime is achieved when you are confident that your information and information systems are protected against attacks. This is done by using security services in areas such as availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation.

of economic espionage cases involved China
of the cases involved in the theft of trade secrets were connected to China
Adversaries China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are increasingly taking malicious cyber activities in the gray zone
concerns of attack on critical infrastructure such as the power grid.

Organizations are defense-in-depth when it comes to implementing effective and sustainable cybersecurity frameworks, as technical mitigations are worthless without operational procedures to guide trained people and applications to use them. Achieving a synergistic balance from all three aspects of strategy is very important.

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