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The water and electricity sector is a group of companies that provide basic equipment such as electricity, water and sewage, dams, food and natural gas. The water and electricity sector includes a wide range of companies in different industries. They include producers, providers and suppliers such as energy companies, electric companies, water companies, natural gas companies, sewage and waste treatment companies.

The increased use of software in OT (operational technology), such as planned gas turbines and the replacement of brownfield engines with software management, has expanded the attack surface that hackers can exploit. Additionally, it typically takes 10 to 20 years to upgrade or patch production tooling systems. Therefore, software vulnerabilities in these systems will be exploited for several years. In addition, utilities can have dozens of remote sites that maintain a continuous flow of data from headquarters to multiple sub-networks. This shows that IT security issues also remain in this sector. Service companies hold large amounts of valuable customer data, such as credit card information and home addresses, which increases the likelihood of cyber attacks on company data.

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Overview & Areas of Concern

Our basic energy infrastructure and utilities are facing major changes to use smarter and more advanced technologies to meet the resource needs of our growing population.

Operational technologies (OT) such as industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA are connected to the wider network and are becoming targets for hackers. While reports are integrating OT and IT to increase the likelihood of cyberattacks on companies, the cybersecurity approach has not matured.

One of the reasons for this is the increasing use of Internet-enabled tools and remote sensor networks by the energy and utility industry. Modern industrial systems rely on the use of cyber-physical systems. The ICS (Industrial Control Systems) unit is increasingly important for the Internet of Things (IoT) and enables the use of digital strategies to control the actual framework.

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Like all other industries, the utility industry uses sophisticated and intelligent technologies to facilitate processes such as big data and artificial intelligence. As AI and ML capture personal and other critical data to create better and stronger frameworks, automation creates new security and protection concerns. The collection of this information can also raise new concerns, especially regarding security.

Water, electricity and energy companies belong to traditional industries. Their main business is not security. However, not focusing on cyber threats in your organization can complicate things and empower your business.

Cyber Security to Consider

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Compromise Assessment and Vulnerability Scan
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer
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Practice Areas

Security Monitoring/Security Operation Center (SOC) Virtual CISO (vCISO)
Security Assessment
Security Compliance Support (Audit Preparation)
CMMC Assistance
SOC 2 Type 1 & Type 2 Assistance
Digital Forensics
Security Controls Preparation (NIST / CMMC)
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Security Awareness Training
Vulnerability Management
Security Policy creation

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Practice Areas

As the utility sector embraces digital transformation, it requires a team with new skills and proactive planning to overcome unprecedented cyber threats.

Customers data
Unauthorized access to infrastructure
Operational disruptions
catastrophic concerns

One of the first steps a company can take to begin an effective risk-based security strategy is to conduct a thorough organizational review. This includes creating a cybersecurity plan aimed at identifying critical resources and risks that are being compromised or lost each time.

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