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Nonprofit organizations do some of the noblest work for the world’s at-risk communities. Charities are changing the world one at a time, from providing financial support to children and families in the worst circumstances of their lives, to providing financial assistance to students who might otherwise have no chance. Unfortunately, the high stakes of these organizations and the inherent risks associated with their day-to-day operations can leave nonprofits vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Big donors can make nonprofits a big target for cybercriminals. More than ever, protecting donor data and maintaining their trust is essential. To achieve this goal, we start by building a strong cybersecurity foundation. Our experts provide a comprehensive security assessment including penetration testing. It helps nonprofits address inherent network vulnerabilities and maintain security compliance when processing beneficiary financial transactions.

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Overview & Areas of Concern

Your nonprofit organizations often work tirelessly to accomplish their mission with limited staff and resources. It’s important to consider how strong technology strategies can help you achieve your goals and support your budget plans. Even the leanest teams can use the latest technology to tackle big challenges with the right nonprofit IT support partners. From implementing real-time business insights to identify potential contributors to infrastructure solutions that can scale to your needs, our mission is to help you focus on you.

Outdated systems and tools can break down, causing headaches for staff and making potential donors less willing to donate. Our professional services team can assess your unique technology needs and recommend the right solution for your growth. From replacing your mobile fleet to overhauling your network infrastructure, we can help you choose the right solution, the right size for your budget.

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Data analytics and business intelligence tools help nonprofits work smarter and easier. A suitable analytics platform can generate actionable insights for research and budget planning. By analyzing donor demographics to find out who is likely to donate at the right time, you can spend less time engaging with failed donors and find new giving channels faster. Improve regular donor relationships with measurable data that helps donors identify the impact of their gifts. Track employee activity and use data-driven performance metrics to enable revenue forecasting.

Nonprofits have sensitive information about volunteers and donors, which can increase the risk of cyber security attacks compared to other types of businesses. Also, cyber security measures have not been implemented. 

Cyber Security to Consider

Free Cyber Review
Compromise Assessment and Vulnerability Scan
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer
SOC Compliance.

Practice Areas

Security Monitoring/Security Operation Center (SOC) Virtual CISO (vCISO)
Security Assessment
Security Compliance Support (Audit Preparation)
CMMC Assistance
SOC 2 Type 1 & Type 2 Assistance
Digital Forensics
Security Controls Preparation (NIST / CMMC)
Security Architecture Design/Support
Security Awareness Training
Vulnerability Management
Security Policy creation

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Practice Areas

Non-Profit organizations rely on data for almost all decisions, such as program evaluation, audience engagement, and organizational strategy setting. As the value of data increases, so does the amount of cyber attacks.

Customers/Members/Donors Information
Employee information
Prepared for a cyber attack

Many nonprofits rely on outsourced accountants, IT consultants, payroll services, and even cloud storage services. If any of these third-party vendors do not use adequate data security protections, the security of nonprofit organizations’ data is at risk.

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